By Peg Prendeville

There was great excitement in the Prendeville household last weekend when Jim came home after 28 weeks away. He is delighted to be back even though he is immobilised. It is a different life for him and us all but we are grateful that he is home with us. On a note of interest we were wondering how the grandchildren would react to seeing their Granda in a wheelchair. The comment “Granda looks cleaner in his good clothes” says it all. Fair play to children – they can adapt to any situation with the least fuss. Again I thank all of you who have been supporting us through prayers and good wishes.

It is holiday time again for the children in primary schools but it is an especially poignant time in Ballyhahill School this year as Principal Mary Moore retires after 39 years service in the school. A surprise party was arranged for her last Friday but due to Covid restrictions it was for the pupils and parents only. The Parents Association presented her with a lovely scrap book of memories and letters from present and past pupils. A “music and book” themed cake was made for her also. Mary will be missed by all the pupils as she was well respected and loved by them all. Ok, she was the principal and had to rule the roost sometimes but she loved her job and the children and that is the most important of all. She inspired many pupils to go on to become teachers themselves by her kindness to them. That is the highest compliment one could get. We wish Mary a Happy Retirement and many music filled years ahead.

Principal Mary Moore cuts the cake made for her retirement.