By Peg Prendeville

How lovely it is to get a few fine days. It makes everything look so much brighter and hopeful. We hope for more. I wrote the following many years ago on a fine summer’s day. I hold the same sentiments today.

On a Summer’s Morning

The curlew calls way up in the sky,

The cuckoo’s song comes back in reply,

The cattle are lowing on their way to the barn;

Sounds on a summer’s morning.

The perfume of hay just recently cut,

The scent of the flowers as they open up,

The sterile fresh air as it sweeps in the dawn;

Smells on a summer’s morning.

The rustle of leaves in the pure gentle breeze,

The chirping of birds making nests in the trees,

The turf machine promises “I’ll keep you warm;”

Sounds on a summer’s morning.

The cloudless blue sky with its streamers of white

Whispers to us of its traffic all night,

The gorse all ablaze, the spray of whitethorn;

Sights on a summer’s morning.

Flower gardens resplendent in colours so bright,

Grasses all glistening from the dew of the night,

Bathed in brightness, all lovely and warm;

The world on a summer’s morning.

Heart light and airy, the world’s at peace.

With each breath of air all my worries cease,

God is in Heaven – the devil I scorn

Thoughts on a summer’s morning.

The news after the weekend was all about the crowds on the streets of Dublin, Cork and Galway. I must say I found great pleasure in pottering around at home far away from the madding crowds and enjoying the fresh air and silence. But each to their own. We hope it will not be too long until we can go as we please and enjoy life without being afraid of catching any virus.