By Kathleen Mullane


Well as I start my few lines this Monday evening we are still in the longest day of the year, and wasn’t it a beautiful day. We have had many Long Days I’m sure during Covid but thankfully things are looking up. From now on the days will be getting very slightly shorter, but we must not dwell on that too much and just get on with things. We are far better off than many families who have lost a loved one during the pandemic through Covid or other illness.

Congrats to Paul Collins who, with Newcastlewest Cycling Club, over the weekend had a great race winning the A4, he had enough power to take the flag on a tight finish. He is now promoted to A3. Well done Paul and here’s to further success.

Actually it’s great to see so many out on their bikes these days-both women as well as men. I see an elderly man in all kinds of weather passing daily on his bike keeping fit – no stiff bones there. And sure we have Denny Mulvihill who is into his 70s and he has done the length and breadth of Ireland. Keep it up lads.

It was brilliant to have the Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage for 4 days this past week ending on Sunday. It gave a sense of being there with Fr. Chris, Fr. Michael O’Shea, Fr. O’Dea and Bishop Leahy along with the chief handmaid, Chris Culhane the chief Brancardier, head of Nursing and of course the fabulous singers including the Broadford choir. Hopefully next year we will get there in person for the 5 days as we have now missed out 2 years of not being able to go. However Fr. Donal McNamara told us at the virtual pilgrimage that Phillipe the owner of the well known ALBA hotel in Lourdes rang him the other morning and took him on a tour of the grotto etc while cycling. IT was like a GHOST TOWN, how sad from the thousands that are usually there. However Phillipe lit a candle for all the people of West Limerick which was lovely when we ourselves couldn’t be there.


The meaning of life is to give life meaning.