By Peg Prendeville

Ógie Prendeville is a great fan of Athea News.

Has there ever been a more miserable cold wet windy May? I hope the man in Donegal, who is fairly good at forecasting the weather, is right when he says June, July and August are promising to be good. We need something to cheer us up.

I was very cheered up last Friday when I got many calls and cards and gifts on my retiring from Glin Library. I want to thank everybody who wished me good luck and to say how much I appreciated their wishes. It was a great boost in the middle of all the bad weather and everything that has happened in the last six months. Thanks to my family, too, who had organised a surprise dinner for me after getting home on Friday evening. My official retirement date in June 4th so the library is closed til then but hopefully will open up to a brand new librarian after that.

It is nice to see the country opening up also. It is noticeable on my weekly visits to Dublin as the roads are getting busier. Let’s hope that the high COVID figures in Limerick will settle down soon again. We have had enough of it now.

Abha Bhán Parish Park is organising a Summer Raffle. There are loads of spectacular prizes to be won. To be in with a chance just click on our Gofundme Link or  contact any Committee member.  

€10 per line and Live draw to be made in the park on Sunday 27th June @3pm with special guests.

All very welcome to attend on the day.

All proceeds to the maintenance & upkeep of the Park & Playground.Huge thank you to the  sponsors Husqvarna , General Hardware NCW, Tadgh O’Connors NCW.

I want to wish a Happy 10th birthday to my grandchild Clodagh Prendeville this week. Ten years is a milestone to a child. Hopefully life will be kind to her and to them all.