By Peg Prendeville

The beautiful weather over recent days is like it was during the first lockdown last year. It is energising so I hope it does not end too suddenly. I believe that the month of May will be good so there is hope for more. I am so glad to hear the cuckoo around these parts. It is a soothing sound to me every year.

My days working in the library are coming to an end as I am retiring in June. This past year has seen the libraries closed more often than open so it has been a strange final year of work. I sent in my retirement notice in poetry as follows:

The 4th of June is a special date

‘Twas the day I wed my faithful mate

On that date too I began my career

As a branch librarian  for 19 years.

These years have given me much joy

And, in truth, this time has flown on by.

But now my life has changed its plan

And I must adapt as best I can.

So I pick the 4th of June once more

To hand in my keys of Glin Library door.

I am grateful for the years within

This lovely place in the town of Glin.

I am happy to report that Jim is recovering some bit of mobility. The speech is taking its time returning but we continue to hope. I hope we will have some more good years together when he gets home in a few weeks.