By Peg Prendeville

I extend sympathy to the Langan and Lynch families on the death of Dan Lynch, (brother to Delia) in Chicago on Monday.

I am getting accustomed to driving to Dublin every week to see Jim in the Rehab in Dunlaoire. As it is essential travel I do not feel guilty seeing the countryside and I take pleasure in admiring the various scenes as I go. I am thankful too that Jim has a nice room with a view of the Dublin mountains where we used to hike with our social club when we were young Civil Servants in Dublin in the 70’s.  Last Thursday was a glorious day – in Dublin anyhow – so after my visit I walked the pier in Dunlaoire. It takes twenty minutes from one end to the other and twenty back again. It was great to get the fresh sea air, hear the sound of the waves and generally see people out and about enjoying themselves while also keeping a respectful distance from others. I may get another chance to do it as Jim will be there ‘til the end of May, when he will then be home at last. That will have been six months away from home!

“Did you get the Vaccine?” This is all everybody talks about these days. I, and many others, are called for Thursday. It is rolling out much faster than I expected. Let us hope it will mean that things might be getting more normal. If life will ever again be normal!  This virus has changed so many things that we took for granted, but the greatest trial for our family was Jim ending up in hospital and visits so restricted. It is hard to have a conversation with masks and gowns and screens between visitor and patient. It has to leave its mark on the patient who feels alienated and cut off from family. I feel so sorry for older people in nursing homes who must have felt truly abandoned by family.

But life continues on, thankfully, and the turf machines are out and work is getting done.