By Kathleen Mullane

Bits and Bobs

Sincere congrats and good wishes are extended to Rory Dalton and his partner Holly of Templeathea, on the recent birth of their new baby, a little girl they are naming Luna Gale. We send good wishes also to the delighted grandmother here in Templeathea, Margaret Dalton. Happy Days to all.

The death has occurred in the USA of Dan Lynch, brother of the late Delia Langan, Mick Lynch and Joan Tony O’Connor. Dan had reached the great age of 91 years and passed away following a stroke. Sincere Sympathy to his relatives both in America and here in Athea and beyond. May he rest in peace.

Many parishioners came along to our church on Sunday last to give in their Lenten Trocaire envelopes along with the weekly donation ones and Easter dues. It is imperative that we support these collections despite the church being closed, bills still have to be paid. We are very lucky to have the Webcam which enables many families both at home and abroad to watch the masses and funerals. Incidentally if anyone wishes to give a donation towards the cost of running the webcam which costs a few thousand yearly it would be much appreciated.

The seats at the GAA  pitch are another welcome feature on the walking track and no doubt they will be used for a SIT and CHAT for those who like to do their walk at a slower pace. Hopefully in the not too distant future our pitches will resound to cheers, claps and the sound of footballs being kicked much to the joy of our young and not so young players.

I was just listening today to a discussion on the ELAINE show while I was getting the dinner. The discussion was on IRONING. One lady said she irons everything down to the socks and tea towels etc and washes clothes every day. The other lady said she irons barely anything and spares on the washing unless dirty as wasting water is a wrong thing. Which one are you. One thing that annoys me is some people switch on their TVs first thing in the morning which is fine but they then are left on all day long with no one at all watching them and sometimes both the radio and TV are going together and no listener there.

The bog machines have started again and on walking up near the windmills yesterday it was lovely to see the lines of turf freshly cut all awaiting some sunny days to save it, roll on the summer.


When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.