By Peg Prendeville

Sympathy is extended to Mikey Fennell, Glenagragra, Glin and extended family on the death of his brother Patrick Fennell, 20 Cloverfield, Glin, who died in Milford Hospice during last week.

Jim and I have taken many road trips with Jim always at the wheel and I content in the passenger seat gazing around me. I had thought this would continue for many more years but now I find myself at the wheel with no passenger beside me. Thus I headed to Dunlaoire last weekend to visit Jim in the National Rehabilitation Hospital. Thank God for Google maps on phones. It would be difficult to go astray with instructions for  every move. I was very pleased with myself when I got home safely next day. Next week we hope to have news of Jim’s progress after having been assessed for two weeks. Though his speech or mobility is still AWOL he is in good spirits and determined to do the best to improve. It has been a tough time for both of us but we live in hope. I am eternally grateful for family, friends and neighbours.

Easter is upon us: another Easter with no Church attendances. Who would have believed it twelve months ago? There are many online Masses for those of us who like to attend and again I wish to thank the Priests for all the work they do “behind the scenes.”

Well done to Athea Drama group who have put up many of their plays on Youtube giving us the opportunity once again to appreciate the talent of the group. It is a great idea. Only for modern technology we would never survive this virus. It helps to keep us all connected in spite of social distances.

Happy Easter to all you Readers. May the Sun dance for us all on Easter Sunday.