By Peg Prendeville

Sincere sympathies to the Griffin, O’Donovan and Collins families on the recent passing of Orla O’Donovan at such a young age. Life can be very tough and it is difficult to see the sun behind the clouds sometimes. We keep them all in our prayers and hope that they can find comfort.

I had Mass, online, from Abbeyfeale last Sunday. Beautiful singing by Noreen Cotter and a lovely sermon on the gift of “Mothers” by my own Parish Priest Fr Austin McNamara. It put me thinking how much work our Priests and parish volunteers put into ensuring that whoever wishes to attend Mass, in this Lockdown period, is not disappointed. It must be very difficult for Priests to be separated from their communities and not able to administer the Sacraments as they were ordained to do. We are grateful for their patience and their efforts to look after their flock. Let us hope and pray that we can get back to communal worship soon.

One of the perks that have come from the pandemic is our chance to travel online. Guided live tours are offered on the website No need of a passport, no need to get out of your chair and you can visit loads of amazing places throughout the world. It has become escapism for me during this trying time of Jim in hospital. It looks like our travelling days are over but I find these trips nearly make up for this loss in my life. Google it and see for yourself. It is free but “tip-supported”. The guides do their best to make it an enjoyable trip for everyone. I’ve walked through Central Park in New York and toured cities like Vienna and Prague; all these places were on my “wish list” for a long time.

Jim in Rehab

Jim has been in rehab now for almost 14 weeks

In St Ita’s in Newcastlewest where therapy he seeks

After his life has been capsized due to a dense stroke

He’s had to start a different life and I tell you it’s no joke!

He was a right hand man to all and did the best he could

To help out anyone in need as he thought he should

But his right hand side has now shut down and taking a wee rest

While his left hand stepped up a gear and is proving to be best. 

He was a man content to sit and listen while others spoke

But now he has no choice at all due to that dense stroke

His gentle therapist Elaine is trying to help him get words out

They are swimming in his head but won’t come through his mouth.

But his determination to get well is wonderful to see

He is not bitter, does not complain and is working


Helping his brain to make new pathways to replace those which have died

And soon we hope he will recover some of the life he once enjoyed.