By Peg Prendeville

The month is flying by and we are into Lent 2021. The practice of giving up something for Lent has been dying out in recent years but there is not much left to give up this year with Covid 19 deciding for us!  Blessed Ashes will be placed at the back of Ballyhahill Church on Wednesday for anybody who wants to call and take some to people at home. It is strange how times change with the circumstances forced upon us but our Priests are doing the best they can under the current restrictions. We appreciate their efforts. I would think that far more people attend Mass online now than ever went to the church to Mass. It is all prayer and so it has to be good.

There was a lovely Valentines concert on on Sunday night in aid of Breast Cancer research. Two and a half hours of entertainment. It will be online, for anyone who is interested, for the next two weeks. It helped me to pass Valentine’s night as well as helping a good cause.

Thank you to all who are keeping Jim in their thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it. He is getting great care in St Ita’s Rehab unit. The staff is excellent. Progress is slow but it is progress nonetheless. We must learn to be patient.  But it is not an easy lesson to learn. I had never understood how debilitating a stroke is until now. He was always a quiet man but not to be able to speak, when you want, must be so frustrating for him. Hard on all of us. However, we live in hope and trust that it will return along with some mobility.







P.S. That last line from Pope Francis touches a raw nerve!