By Peg Prendeville

Congratulations to George Langan on his lovely interview with Margo, on her 70th birthday, last Saturday night. They spoke for three quarters of an hour and it came out loud and clear on Cork Music Station. Margo mentioned Mary and Jimmy Collins and remembers making a phone call from their shop back in the 70’s when she was playing in the marquee in Athea. After that they remained friends for life. George keeps many entertained each Saturday night with his programme. Keep it up, George.

I am glad to read that TLC6 (Team Limerick Clean-up) will take place in some capacity this Good Friday, April 2nd, in full compliance with HSE guidelines.

More information will be rolled out in the coming weeks. It is so sickening to walk the local roads and see the amount of rubbish by the roadsides. There is even more this year because the cleanup was cancelled last year. This year there are the added masks and gloves. We should be ashamed of ourselves. I nearly give up hope in the human race to see it all. What are the litter louts thinking. Who do they think will pick up the rubbish? It annoys me every year.

Next Sunday is St Valentine’s Day, when lots of love is shared around the world. Little Toy Show hero, Adam King, teams up with SuperValu and Centra to share his Hug cards which go on sale on 5th February with all proceeds going to CHI Temple Street and Cork University Hospital Charity. A lovely thing to do for a good cause.

Isn’t it lovely to hear the birds singing in the mornings again.

Songs of Praise

Listening to the birds

Singing with such energy

Fills my heart with hope.

They do not worry

Or spoil their day with despair;

They sing and they trust

That their creator

Will provide them with their needs

And give thanks with song.

All day they sing psalms

Of praise, inviting us too

To connect with Him.

Peg Prendeville (2012)