By Kathleen Mullane

 Back to School

Well today Monday saw the return of some special needs classes to their respective schools. No doubt this was a great joy to both children and parents alike. Never before were kids so happy to return to school and who would blame them. And also parents as they had been trying to work at home as well as coping with zoom classes, and doing online homework. Hopefully next week will see the return of Leaving Cert pupils along with the younger primary classes, and please God there will be no more further disruptions this year.

Exciting news for Kevin O’Keeffe and his wife Fiona, who were blessed with their new baby last week a little girl they are naming Maeve, a little sister for Emma. Congrats to the happy parents and also to the proud grandparents Tom and Ann O’Keeffe of Upper Athea.

Well done to Teresa O’Halloran who made a beautiful job of the church altar for Lent. We are so lucky here in Athea to have great people in all organisations who give of their time and energy to help. The flowers also on the altar organised by Hannah Mai Collins added to the look of the Lenten altar. Siobhan Barrett and Mike Hayes were busy also on Ash Wednesday sorting ashes etc. Many came to pay the Lenten stations on Sunday last along with their weekly envelopes for which Fr Duggan is extremely grateful as there are always bills of one type or another to be paid. He will remember parishioners in his masses as a thank you.

        Life’s Surprises

      Life turns up surprises

      When you least expect it to.

On days when everything goes wrong

And it seems there’s no way through

 A chance word from a stranger,

A letter from a friend,

A glowing sky at sunset

God’s blessings never end

Then deep inside your weary heart

A little spark takes hold

And shattered dreams are swept away

As the flame of HOPE burns bold.