By Kathleen Mullane


Well today is Pancake Tuesday, or if you get the newsletter on Wednesday it’s Ash Wednesday or later we are into Lent. Anyway whichever day you happen to pick up the parish newsletter we are glad you are keeping it going by buying it. At least it keeps us in touch with the local goings  on and we thank Domhnall and Lillian for their dedication.

Well Pancake Tuesday long ago was the day that the eggs and flour were used up in preparation for the fasting during Lent and let me tell you the people of those days truly fasted. They would drink black tea, no sugar, no sweets, mass every day, very little food on Ash Wednesday. How times have changed. But maybe its better we take on something rather than giving up. Maybe phone someone who lives on their own for a little chat, or ask someone who can’t get out for groceries if they need something brought to them. During this time of Covid it’s very difficult for some with maybe LONELINESS being the hardest for some, even share a joke with someone LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE.

Trocaire boxes will be available at the church this week and no doubt this year more than ever they need our help. Blessed ashes will also be available after mass on Wednesday and don’t forget the Lenten dues for our own Fr Duggan as the clergy need our help also during Covid.

Isn’t it wonderful to see the stretch in the evenings already, the daffodils are peeping their heads above the ground, the vaccinations are started, no deaths today as I write these lines this Monday, everyone out walking, cycling, jogging etc, signs have been erected at the GAA walking track  and a big new light put up in the car park. Things are looking up, so keep the chins up and we will get out of this situation soon. We must think POSITIVE and remember BEHIND THE CLOUDS THE SUN STILL SHINES.

Thought for the week:-