By Peg Prendeville

Great to hear that Glasha man, Patrick Langan, is home and recovering well from his clash with Covid. It is surprising how many people we know have contracted it in this phase, as, during phase one, we had not heard of anybody getting it. It is a reminder for us all to stay safe and observe the rules.

There was a lovely poem in the Observer last week by Bridie Murphy about the tarred railway line from Rathkeale to Ardagh. Bride is well able to write and always has a lovely rhythm to her poems. The council is doing great work on this GST  – Great Southern Trail – making it a lovely track for cycling and walking. It must be a great boon to those who live within the 5k. Unfortunately it is out of bounds to many of us at the moment.

I am delighted to let you know that Jim has been moved to St Ita’s Rehab centre in Newcastlewest since Monday. We hope that he will continue to recover. It will take time. I take this opportunity to say how much I admire and thank all who are in the nursing and caring profession. It is a very difficult time for all patients and carers and families but the nurses and doctors and health care assistants give of their best all the time and I am grateful to them.

The evenings are getting longer and brighter, the daffodils are peeping up and spring is in the air. There is hope!