By Peg Prendeville

Our thoughts and prayers are with the many local people, not naming any names, who have been hit by Covid19. I hope they all recover very quickly. It is an anxious time for us all at the moment so we must do what we can to keep safe. Sincere sympathies to the Flaherty family on the death of Denis last week. We did not think it would come so near to us but it is only when tragedy strikes near us that we realise what many go through on a daily basis. This Covid has affected us all in different ways. It has stopped me visiting Jim in hospital which must be difficult for him too as he has lost his speech so we can’t even ring each other. However, he continues to progress in baby steps, thank God. Thanks for all your prayers and support.

There is so little happening that I’d like to tell ye about the drama my grandchildren and I put on at Christmas in the farmyard. My father, Paddy Faley, wrote a nativity play many years ago and I got the grandchildren to learn it. They were all willing, not forced at all. They were excited to be involved. So on Christmas week we dressed them up in cloaks and tea-towels and blankets. Joseph and Mary knocked on doors of dwelling houses and garages to find room in the inn and eventually they were offered a place in the haybarn where there was a real live pony and two dogs! There baby Jesus (youngest grandchild Ellen Prendeville, 2 months old) was born on a haybale. Some shepherds brought the baby oranges and holly as gifts! All the grandchildren played a part and I felt it was as good a lesson of the story of Christmas as any they would learn at school. All sang Silent Night at the end and a little prayer was said for their Granda Jim in hospital. The adults celebrated with tea and mulled wine as it was skinning cold. A nice memory for the children.

I mentioned some time last year of the entertainment that is on offer on FB throughout the lockdowns. Again I want to thank Georgie Langan for his FB chat and music on Cork Music Station every Saturday night, Joe Harrington on Saturday and Tuesday nights and Seán Keane on Sunday evenings. Elle Marie O’Dwyer also puts on lovely shows regularly as well as the well known Daniel O’Donnell. All these go to brighten up the long evenings and they are appreciated by the thousands of people who follow them.