By Peg Prendeville

Wishing all readers a very Happy Christmas and a more hopeful New Year in 2021.

2020 has been a rough one for many between COVID restrictions etc but we live in hope and trust. Happy Christmas to Domhnall and Lillian who keep this newsletter going every week.

I am not sure what kind of weather we will have for Christmas but wouldn’t it be nice to have nice clean frosty weather for a few days. I wrote the following after one such day some years ago.

A Magical Morning

Oh, this morning it was magic when frost was on the lawn,

Each blade of grass adorned in silvery white.

It sparkled and it shimmered from the first pink rays of dawn

And nature sang a song of sheer delight.

With the cold our fingers tingled, but the air was pure and clear;

Our breaths the only clouds that could be seen.

The peacefulness about the place made God seem very near

And one forgot that wars had ever been.

And I wished deep in my heart that time it would stand still

And that this world would always seem so calm.

We would all be nicer people and with joy our hearts would fill

As, this scene, it would our spirits soon embalm.

But ere long my dream was shattered as the sun it shone too bright

And I watched the lonely leaves begin to cry,

As they saw their bright new garments disappearing with the light

Like Cinderella at the ball  – it was “Goodbye”.