By Peg Prendeville

At least something good came out of the end of this year with Limerick winning the Liam McCarthy Cup last Sunday. My neighbour Carol Noonan, being the artistic person that she is, had her little mini parked outside her house and it all decked out in Limerick colours.

A little reminder to support the Ballyhahill N.S. Christmas draw. Lines in Mullane’s shop. The prizes are good.

Personally, this is a hard time for me with my husband Jim in the stroke unit in Limerick. All your prayers and best wishes are really appreciated and are helping to keep me and my family supported during this difficult time. There are small signs of recovery, thank God.

I include the following poem which I had written for my grandchildren a few weeks ago. It might bring a smile.

Christmas Eve 2020

It was Christmas Eve and out in the shed

The cows they were resting and chewing the cud

Enjoying the peace of this holy night

Knowing all children were filled with delight.

Sparky and Buster were asleep in the hay

Near Bradley, the pony, who had been busy all day.

Snowflake and Comet, the two other ponies,

Were eating some hay along with their cronies.

When all of a sudden they saw a great light

Which shattered the darkness and gave them a fright

The cows stood up slowly and shuffled about

And listened with ears cocked to see who was out.

Sparky then barked and Buster joined in

And soon they were making a terrible din.

They woke up the Mammy and even the Dad

Who had been sound asleep and now was quite mad.

Buster looked up and saw something queer

A red light was blinking and coming quite near.

Then all of a sudden Sparky knew to stay quiet

Sure she should have known what would happen tonight.

She ran to the shed and whispered to all

It’s only dear Santa. There’s no fear at all.”

And together the animals watched with a smile

As Santa dropped presents down to each child.

Then he sped off with a laughing Ho Ho

And all of the animals back to sleep they did go.

The cows dreamt of fairies and peace in the land

As Sparky and Buster settled down and were grand.

The ponies lay smiling at the chaos that they caused

And hoped that the children were unaware of it all.

The stars in the sky twinkled down on the snow

And thought of the child in the stable long-go.