By Peg Prendeville

We are into our last week of Level 5 – for the time being anyway – and wait to see the guidelines for Christmas. Hopefully families will be able to meet up, in a safe manner, and have some bit of Christmas cheer. No matter what happens Santa will be able to do his rounds so that is the most important thing. Just four weeks to go. We are all ready for Christmas in the Knockdown area with some houses lit up already!

In spite of the supposed Lockdown it has not reduced road traffic in the slightest as there are many cars on the roads. I have no idea where they are all going as it cannot be shopping.

Ballyhahill Parents Association will be holding the annual Christmas Raffle shortly and will be grateful for your support.

Ard Chúram Day Centre in Listowel had a competition recently to write a poem on the virus. This was my entry. It did not win but what harm!

The Corona

Oh Corona, you’re the devil

You’ve brought such hurt and fear

Since you floated sneakily into our lives

At the beginning of the year.

Yes, we thought we had you captured

When we went into lockdown

We thought we’d frighten you away

From county and from town.

But you went spreading with a vengeance

Like the thistles and the weeds

As soon as some are cleared away

Another comes with ease.

You show no love nor mercy

As you watch some people die

You laugh at people mourning

When they cannot say Goodbye.

You’ve struck terror into people’s hearts

And questioned our belief.

Who do we trust? What can we do?

When will we get reprieve?

But the Irish you’ll not conquer

We’re made of stern stuff

We’ve beaten enemies before

Now we say Enough’s Enough!

So we’ll wash our hands and wear our masks

And keep two metre distance

And soon we’ll wave goodbye to you

And blow you from existence.