By Kathleen Mullane

I was talking to Fr. Duggan  today just checking to see how he was, he is doing fine and looking forward to when lock down is eased so he can return to us. He sends his good wishes to everyone and hopes all parishioners are well and that he is including everyone in his daily mass during November.

What a beautiful celebration we had on Saturday night when the special mass for all those who went to their eternal reward was celebrated by Fr Tony. It was comforting hopefully for all families who had lost a loved one especially during Covid when funeral numbers were so limited. Well done to all those who helped to make the ceremony so special and to the beautiful singing from Margaret Carroll and John Redmond and to Teresa O’Halloran and Pat Higgins for the candle lighting ceremony.

There was great news for a change today when it was announced that Pfizer are near to having a vaccine for Covid, what a wonderful thing that would be for the whole world– We live in great Hope.

On speaking to an elderly relative at the weekend and asking how he was finding Lockdown  he said he wasn’t finding  it as bad this time around as there were matches on television. We complained they were so late and players playing in such awful weather, but look isn’t sport a great thing and it excites everyone no end, never mind the excitement on Sunday with the Kerry Cork game– We will say no more, and Mayo are still there too much to the delight of our few Mayo people in the parish.

Thought for the week: Going outdoors for walks is not cancelled, listening to music is not cancelled, ringing a family friend isn’t cancelled, reading a book isn’t cancelled. Singing out loud isn’t cancelled, laughing has not been cancelled, sharing Hope with others has not been cancelled.