By Peg Prendeville

We are on to Level 5. It is like being kept back in class; we have to repeat the year all over again and hope to learn some more as we go on. But that is how it is, we must keep plodding on and hope to come out at the other end safe and well.

Mullane’s shop continues to be the one stable event in our lives. It opens its doors every morning to cater for us all. But from this week onwards it will close at 8pm each night instead of the usual 9pm. So keep that in mind. It is great to have such an amenity in Knockdown and we are grateful to Ta and Ita  for keeping the business going.

I was watching the programme on Sunday night DIY SOS The Big Build programme to help Amy Mulcahy from Annacotty and her family settle into her new home after an accident in 2019.  It was very emotional to watch how Amy and her family were so grateful for what was done for them. Well done  to Neilus Brouder, and the staff of Con Brouder Fitted Kitchens, Glin who took part in this project. It was amazing to see the changes that took place in 9 days. Shows what can be done when people work together.

An Post will ensure free delivery of all card and letter mail posted to and from residents of Nursing and Care homes in the State until January 31st 2021. By writing FREEPOST where the stamp would normally be affixed, An Post will carry cards, letters large envelopes and packets weighing up to 2kg without a postage stamp.

Customers can send these items through the Post Office network and post boxes across Ireland.

Mass was broadcast live from Glin Church last Sunday with our own Fr Austin. It will be live each Sunday morning at 11 am with our three Pastoral Unit priests rotating – Fr Austin, Fr Tim Curtin and Canon Tony O’Keeffe. Fair play to the priests; they are all doing as much as they are allowed and I am sure are looking forward to being able to meet us parishioners in person. We hope for a reasonably normal Christmas.

Remember: Wash your hands, wear your mask, keep your distance. 

Trust that All Shall Be Well.