by Peg Prendeville

It was a pity that the Gerald Griffins Intermediate team were narrowly beaten by Claughan on Sunday last but we must take our beatings as well as our winnings. The chance will come again. But it looks like there is an end to sporting events for another while now that we are gone down to level 3. My own personal rant is that I notice that very few keep the 2 metre distance. I think that it would make a huge difference if everybody made an effort to do this. People are good on the masks and I presume washing the hands but the distance is ignored. It gets very annoying to see groups, be they students or sports fans, celebrating like there was never a mention of a virus. So we suffer on.

Libraries doors are shut once again. If people want a book they must ring and order it and they will get a phone as to when to collect it at the door. Glin library 068-26910.  Life is changing fast. We hope to keep up with it.

A poem to lighten the mood. I wrote this a few years ago. But the magic continues thankfully.

My Morning Visitor

She comes in every morning and brightens up my day

With her easy chatter and sense of fun and play

She eats a slice of bread with jam announcing it is “yum”

Oh, the joys of being a Nana are far better than a Mum!

Our conversations take us all around the world

We can go to far Australia and see that flag unfurled

Or maybe we’ll just stay in Ireland and drive up to Athlone

Even though we’re sitting in our kitchen chairs at home.

We say a prayer for all the sick and those who’ve passed away

We light a candle for them all and wish them a pleasant day

We wonder how “Big Nana” is, in her life up in the sky

We guess she might be busy making up an apple pie.

But now the bus is coming and to school she has to go

“I’ll call again this evening. I want to, don’t you know.”

So she puts on her jacket, and kisses me goodbye.

I am so very happy that she calls – just to say “Hi”.