by Kathleen Mullane

As I write my few lines this Sunday evening, our weather conditions have definitely  taken a change.!! But we must remember we are into October now the ‘fall of the year’. However in these difficult times we should not let a drop of rain or windy conditions  stop us from going out for walks. Some people I’ve met are already not looking forward to the dark long nights. But let’s not dwell too much on that, try and get out and about during the day, you are bound to meet someone on your travels to have a little chat with and hear a bit of news and shorten the day for you especially if you are elderly. And remember the GAA track is there to keep you walking safely off the road. As for our youth thankfully we have great sporting facilities which are so important for our young people’s well being – mental health etc. Reading a good book when winter nights come in is a good thing for the ladies a bit of knitting- not saying the men couldn’t learn to knit, or start to ring or call to neighbours and friends who you may not have spoken  to in a while, that’s if we don’t go into lock down again.

Our U16s  played their County semi-final against a hotly favoured Granagh/Ballingarry side on Saturday last in Mick Neville Park, Rathkeale with great support for the boys. The first half was played at a great pace and was anyone’s game with Athea putting on a great display. However they were overcome by the opposition in the 2nd half despite gallant efforts, they have to be congratulated however for their efforts and well done to their trainers for putting in the time and effort into the team.

Isn’t Athea a tremendous parish, these past couple of weeks many have given so generously to Milford Hospice seeing as there was no annual Coffee Morning due to Covid, well done to all. And again on Friday last volunteers up at the GAA Clubhouse had cakes and buns of all descriptions on offer with donations being given to the Ronald McDonald House. Will one ever forget what a huge success that turned out to be last year here in our small village.

Many have remarked from outside what a great community we have here, everyone helping and pulling together. At a recent funeral I attended in Cork the church had no help, no Eucharistic ministers, only the priest and undertaker did everything, no floor markings for Covid. We are so lucky as I said previously to have everyone pulling their weight and helping out, that’s what makes a happy community, well done to all.

Wasn’t it wonderful to see on an English TV channel last week as a huge crowd waited in abated breath, and the announcement revealed that per head of population Ireland was the country that GAVE most in the world to the poor and needy. We should all be proud.