Peg Prendeville

Congratulations to Johnny Sheehy (caretaker in Killeaney AFC grounds) and his wife Helen on the recent birth of a grand-daughter, Catherine Sheehy; sister to Mortimer and Louellyn. Johnny and Helen have two grandchildren in Australia also, called Emilia and Georgia Engeman.

We should all be ploughing and racing this week but, alas, we are living in different times, so instead we are watching the Covid numbers increasing every night. It is hard to comprehend, and seems very unreal, that this unseen virus is controlling all our actions. The thing that concerns me the most is the number of hospital cases rising which does not bode well for winter. We hope that not too many of us have need for doctors or hospitals in these coming months.

On Monday all the pubs opened up after 190 days of closure. Let’s hope that people will co-operate with the publicans now and reduce the risk of rising the numbers further. It is good that the publicans can once again resume their work and livelihood as it must have been a frightening experience for them to be closed for so long.

One thing which lifted my spirits this month was the Tour de France cycling race. It is usually held in July. I love watching it for the scenery around France! But it was also very exciting to see Irishman Sam Bennett win the Green jersey. There was a lovely clip on the news of his grandfather watching him on TV and cheering him on as he crosses the finishing line in the Champs-Élysées. His family must be so proud, but also sad that they could not be there in person due, once again, to Covid 19. 

Glin Library will be opening to the public on Tuesday next September 29. It is being made Covid friendly this week with screens and sanitizers. However there will be no computer access for the time being and no more than two patrons can be in the library at any one time. But, it is good to be opening up once again.