By Peg Prendeville

It is nice to see the grandchildren settled back at school after six months of being at home and so far all is going well. Ballyhahill school staff and children were very saddened to hear that their teacher Fiona Harnett’s husband, Noel, died last week after being ill recently. They all love Miss Harnett and miss her. Sincere sympathies to Fiona and her family on her bereavement.

There is good news  too, thankfully.

Congratulations to Claire Noonan, Clounleharde, daughter to Carol and Dave, who got married to Brian Moloney from Limerick last Saturday in Loughill under a blazing sun. Claire’s original date had to be postponed due to Covid 19 but, at last, all went well last Saturday. Thanks to modern technology Claire’s brother David, who lives in Melbourne, was able to do one of the readings and partake in the ceremony online.  It was a special day for her granduncle Liam too who celebrated his 95th birthday two days previously and who attended the ceremony in Loughill with the family. We wish the married couple many years of happiness and wish Liam good health also.

Now, I told you, some time ago, that many babies were due in the autumn and so the show has started. Congratulations to James and Emily Woods on the birth of Charlie Jeremiah last week. Congratulations, too, to Ciara and Paddy Fitzgerald, Glin, on the birth of Aoibhinn, a sister to Fionn. All are doing well. There are more on the way. Watch this space.

There is a spate of birthdays in our family this month so Happy Birthday to Maura, Saibh, Lily, Cleo, Eddie, Ógie and Bernie.

It is looking good for the libraries to open up soon also. I will keep you informed.