By Kathleen Mullane

A very big week for leaving cert students as they receive their results this week. So very different from other years, little did they think Covid would have had such an impact on all sectors. However, they will hopefully be happy with what they get and if they aren’t sure they have their whole life in front of them to achieve what is their main goal in life. You hear now of every age group studying for leaving certs and going to college–as the saying goes ‘the man that made time, made plenty of it! We wish them all the very best whatever path they take.

Another lovely ceremony in our church on Saturday as the boys and girls of 2nd class made their 1st communion, all looking splendid in their attire and having waited a long time for their special day  due to Covid. They all had an input into the ceremony and they must be congratulated along with their parents and all who did the preparations for the day. Well done to all.

Sincere congrats to Marie White, daughter of Gerard and Anne, who has become engaged to TJ Herbert son of Mary Anne and Jim of Coole, Athea. The happy couple live in Canada.

Well Denny Mulvihill is on the road again on his bike and  this time is raising  funds for cystic  fibrosis, indeed a deserving cause,  and like many other  charities is suffering much financial loss having no collections due to Covid. It’s a fair journey on the saddle from Malin to Mizen head but Denny has done it many times before for good causes. And considering he is well into his 70s this is no mean feat. On the last report we had on Sunday  he had been joined on the journey by both members from Newcastle West and Athea cycling clubs who were there to join in some of the journey and urge him on which was a great boost. If anyone out there would like to contribute to the cause it would be most welcome. Well done Denny and here’s to the  future years ahead and into your 80s a great way of keeping young and fit!!.

All classes of schools will be back this week into the classrooms and both teachers and students have all said it’s a much different scenario than what they were used to. But I suppose if everyone looks on the positive side rather than the negative we will all pull through this together, and maybe come out better people at the end of it. WE LIVE IN HOPE.