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St Bartholomew’s Church Athea

The second Confirmationceremony which took place on Saturday last 22nd August in Athea
Parish Church

Mass Times:

Sunday & Thursday mornings at 10.30am

Friday & Saturday evenings at 7.30pm


Sat 29th Aug –         Kathleen Mullane

Sun 30th Aug –       Paul Curry

Eucharistic Ministers:

Sat 29th Aug –         Margaret Enright

Sat 30th Aug –         Mary Hunt

Mass Intentions this week:

Sat 29th Aug – Thomas & Sean Cleary. Ned Kiely.

Collections: August 22nd & 23rd

Offertory  €835.00

Webcam   €650.00

Confirmation – The second of our confirmation sacraments in the parish took place last Saturday morning Aug 22nd. It was a lovely ceremony, small and personal. The children were well prepared and a credit to their families and their school. Each child participated in the ceremony and a special word of thanks to the children and their parents. Ten children were confirmed by Fr. Brendan Duggan and the mass was con celebrated by Fr. Shoji Varghese. Our third and final confirmation day will take place this coming Saturday Aug. 29th at 11am. May God bless all the children as they start back to a new school year very shortly.

Flowers – Many gardens are currently in bloom with wonderful colours of flowers, if you would like to donate some flowers to the church please contact Carol (Sacristan).

Church Opening Hours – Due to the recent increase in the COVID 19 Virus the church will only be open during mass times for the next few weeks – we are taking this measure on health & safety grounds to protect each other.

Please always remember to sanitise your hands upon entering and leaving the church.

Once again we thank you sincerely for your patience and understanding.

Fr. Brendan Duggan – Contact details 087-2600414


Fall out from Virus

By Domhnall de Barra

The country is up in arms over the Oireachtas Golf Society dinner in Clifden which breached the government guidelines on the Corona virus pandemic. The good and the great in politics and public life gathered together in two rooms, less than 50 in each room, for dinner after the game of golf. The hotel thought that they were within the rules of 50 to a room but that had changed the day before. It must be said straight away that those attending should have known better. They could have had the game of golf and then gone their separate ways but they did not. When the news broke all hell broke lose and suddenly there was a baying for blood from the public at large, fuelled by some politicians and the media who left no stone unturned to bring the facts to life. The minister for agriculture was the first to fall on his sword, no doubt prompted to do so by his political masters, followed by many others but not the most prominent of them all, European Commissioner Phil Hogan. Now, I have no great liking for the same man. He seems to be an arrogant bullying type of  individual who, single-handedly scuppered Irish water by his lack of tact, but should he, or any of the others resign?  Every time people in authority make an error their heads are called for. Barry Cowan was the first of this very short lived government to be forced out of office because he was marginally over the limit after a football, match. The way I look at it; he paid the penalty that is prescribed by law thereby paying his debt to society. How was that transgression going to affect his role as agriculture minister?  It has absolutely no bearing on it. If a local doctor or head teacher  was caught breaking the traffic laws in the same manner should they then have to resign from their positions?  The punishment wouldn’t fit the crime. At worst it would show a lack of good judgement but before we start baying for blood I would think of the Bible quote: “let he who is without sin amongst you cast the first stone.”  I have no doubt that there a great many of you reading this who don’t agree with me and that is fine. If somebody feels they should resign then, fair enough but  they should not be hounded out of office just to satisfy what is akin to a lynch mob.

The schools are opening again this week and there is quite a bit of apprehension among teachers and parents alike. The pre-school and national schools should have no problems. There are very few cases of the virus in young children and the schools will keep them safe by following the government safety guidelines. It is good for children to get back to some semblance of normality. Unlike when I was young, children love going to school today and of course it is vital for their mental and physical development. It is also good for parents who will get a bit of respite for a few hours each day and especially for those who have to go to work. The secondary schools are a different story. Here you have teenagers who are basically young adults, some driving their own cars and in mature relationships who are more likely to contact the virus due to lack of social distancing. It is wrong to blame all teenagers but some see no danger in what they are doing and believe they are immune from harm. It is natural for young people to congregate and want to have fun and it is natural for them also to ignore advice from parents and authority. I was there myself and know well what it is like to think that, at 16 or 17 you have all the answers. At that age  parents are only there to stop you enjoying yourself. “Don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t take drugs, don’t have sex” are the messages continually conveyed by those who may be doing some of those things themselves. Like I said, the vast majority of teenagers are good, decent human beings who have their own and their friends best interests at heart but it only takes a few to buck the trend and we could easily be in trouble. We all have a responsibility to behave in a proper manner and take every precaution necessary. We are stuck with this virus until such time as a thoroughly tested vaccine is on the market which will be sometime next year. We are going to have to live with the danger of  becoming infected and be ever more vigilant. If we assume that everybody we come across already has the virus then we will take the right course of action and be ok. Complacency is our biggest enemy.

While I agree that people gathering in crowds should be controlled I am bewildered by the blanket, one size fits all, approach to numbers permitted outdoors.  It is sad to see huge  sports stadiums  that could easily accommodate thousands of people 5 metres apart completely empty. The same applies to big churches and cathedrals. Surely the capacity of the building should have some bearing on the numbers allowed to attend. Contrast that with the crowds that descended on our beaches and holiday resorts during the fine weather. There was no attempt at social distancing or any other preventative measures. It is no wonder that the numbers infected around the country have increased in recent times.

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