by Peg Prendeville

We are approaching the end of August and Back to School time which will be very different this year. I know that parents are very anxious about the whole thing and I can only hope that things will work out to everybody’s satisfaction. It is a nightmare for both parents and teachers who are trying to have everything in order. The children, who have been off for six months are excited to meet their friends again but are anxious about social distancing. My opinion is that children will not be able to resist running towards their friends and will be incapable of playing with each other holding the 2 metre rule. But we will see.  I am glad that I am at the age I am at and do not have the responsibility of finding a satisfactory solution. Hopefully there are people with good brains in the country who will see us through this time. There weren’t too many to be seen in Clifden last week though.

Congratulations to Darragh Mullane, grandson to Ta and Ita, and Harry Wallace, grandson to Tommy and Joan O’Connor, who received their confirmation in Loughill last week. The sacrament was conferred by Fr Austin instead of Bishop Leahy.

The numbers going to weekly Mass seems to have got smaller but that is understandable as many of the older generation, which is the generation who were going to Mass anyhow, are afraid to go out meeting too many people yet. Fr Austin always prays for those who cannot go for whatever reason. It is just another change to which we will have to get accustomed.

There has been no change in library opening hours to date. Abbeyfeale and Glin still remain shut. We await September to see what changes may be made. Meanwhile Newcastlewest is open Tuesday to Friday 10 to 1 and 2 to 4 for those who may be interested.

No change in Pub opening hours either so the Knockdown Arms remains closed ‘til further notice.