by Peg Prendeville

I spent a few days down around Kenmare admiring the beautiful scenery and being blessed with fine days while there. Imagine my dismay on returning on Wednesday evening to find that the town had been flooded by torrential rain as soon as we had left the place. What I learned while away was that our world has changed and our ways of life and leisure, that we had become accustomed to, are gone. We will have to learn to adjust to new ways. Gone are the buffet breakfasts; now we have to ask for everything to be brought to the table and that includes pepper and salt etc. Our dinner times can no longer drag on as long as we would like as we are given 105 minutes and can have a drink during that time but not before or after. This doesn’t bother me, as I do not drink alcohol, but it may bother some. On the other hand it may help people to moderate the amount they drink. Wearing face masks will become the norm and compulsory everywhere I think. I hate them – they dehumanise us. What disturbed me a bit was seeing the lack of social distancing almost everywhere. It is something I try to adhere to myself but a great many do not; they either forget or don’t care. I saw groups of young people all together having a laugh and hugging and doing what should be normal and healthy but is not advised at this moment in time. Likewise with the Arsenal/Chelsea match on Saturday evening. All the players hugging after winning? Sure what hope have we?

It was lovely to see some of the Rambling House programme on Sky192 last Thursday night, showcasing our Irish talent of music, song and dance. I was lucky enough to be part of this group almost 20 years ago with my father as it entertained the exiles in Bolton, Leeds, Birmingham and London. It was great fun. Sadly many of the group back then are entertaining the angels since. Well done to Joe Harrington and Kay O’Leary for keeping the tradition going. Of course that is another event which had to be cancelled for this year, but hopefully it will be back in 2021. We must never give up hoping.

New life is a sure sign of hope and so it was great to hear of three christenings in the local area this past weekend. John Patrick Mulvihill from Glenbawn, son to Kim and Thomas Mulvihill. Robyn Seoidín Daly from Dromagarraun, daughter to Lisa and Diarmaid Daly. Jamie Brouder, son to Pa and Miriam Brouder. Congratulations to them all.

Best of luck to my daughter Sarah Prendeville, who along with Gerard Nash from Brosna, is heading off to Dubai this week to take up work as teachers out there. It should be a learning experience for them.