by Kathleen Mullane

Another lovely confirmation ceremony on Saturday last here in our church, and despite the fewer numbers allowed and the miserable day that it was, I’m sure all the families involved had a lovely day. Next Saturday will be the final and 3rd group being confirmed by Fr Duggan. Then 1st communion will be on September  5th.

Sincere sympathy is extended to the O’Connor family of Knocknagorna on the death of Pat at the weekend. Pat was to be heard early in the mornings on his motor – bike heading to Athea to open up the church up until when he was not able to do so. Often I heard him singing  going in the road on his bike at dawn with the birds. Requiem mass was private on Monday  and parishioners stood out along the route to Templeathea cemetery where he was laid to rest. May the light of heaven be his.

Another great game of football played on Sunday last by Athea Junior A team against Hospital/Herbertstown. We thought last week’s score of 3-20 against Bruree was high, but this week’s score of 9-23 to the oppositions 0-05 surpassed all expectations. Hopefully the winning run will continue and intermediate  status will be in sight again.

With the reopening of schools looming this week, and with last minute regulations of trying to get contractors to provide more buses and drivers as only 50 per cent are allowed on secondary school buses, it will be interesting to see what the future holds!!!!

I came across this sent to my phone this week and it’s a Preview of the Leaving cert 2021- higher level  maths paper Q13

If 30 children can be in one classroom, but only 10 people can attend a family gathering, but 80 people can attend an indoor event if there are government ministers present, but no one can attend a birth, and only 15 can attend a football match, yet 100 can be in a restaurant, but no one in a pub  How many therefore are allowed at a bus stop. One wonders what the answer would be????????