by Kathleen Mullane

Another week gone by and what a humid week it was, everyone agreed it was difficult to sleep at night, but it was great to get a bit of heat at the same time. The nights are getting that bit darker earlier however we won’t dwell on that too long and one hopes that there won’t be any such thing as ‘old – time (winter time) this year, although when it comes to changing to the summer time in spring we all look forward to the brighter  evenings  ahead.

Well it was a lovely day for the first group of  pupils  being confirmed on Saturday last when Fr. Brendan acted as Bishop for the ceremony and will do so for the next 2 Saturdays when the remaining pupils will be confirmed. It was lovely to be able to view the ceremony via the Webcam  and as I’ve said previously if anyone wishes to give a donation no matter how small to help finance the system,  which cost quite a bit, they can do so to Fr. Duggan or I can pass on to him.

If you haven’t given in your envelopes for Carol,  our sacristan’s collection, this past weekend  you can still do so in the collection boxes at the church which are at the doors.

Sincere congrats are extended to Pa Ahern and his wife Deirdre on the birth of their first baby a little boy – no doubt a footballer in the making.! Congrats also to the proud   grandparents Nellie and Mossie Ahern of Garrygloss, Athea.

On behalf of Fergus Scanlon (Friends  of St Ita’s, Newcastlewest) thanks is extended to all those who gave recently to St Ita’s through sponsorship card for the community run. The money will be put to good use as always in St Ita’s, who like many organisations, had no church gate collections this past few months.

So hurtful to see the poor Chinese woman who stood up to those young boys who had called her names and threw her into the canal in Dublin. What is wrong at all, if that happened a few years ago there would be uproar, young people wouldn’t do it anyway. There seems to be no fear anymore. Would they like it if their mothers were given the same treatment.? Maybe they wouldn’t give a damn Hopefully they will pay for their disgraceful actions and maybe be made to walk up and down the street wherever they live and everyone come out and hurl abuse at them. They probably wouldn’t even care.

What a great game of football at the bog garden in Rathkeale on Sunday, when Athea took on Bruree  in the Jnr  A championship. Athea now has a panel of around 40 players and from a small village this is exciting, all anxious to get their place on the team. The speed and type of football Athea played was magnificent. The final score was 3.20 to Athea and 1.03 to Bruree . Well done to all the players, their trainer Eamon McElligott, and local aider Patricia Lynch all playing their part. We look forward to the future of Athea football.