by Marian Harnett

PROLOGUE: “From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life”
                                        Arthur Ashe

SAINT ROCK (Feast Day – 16th August). O God, who by the ministry of an angel didst give to glorious Saint Rock a promise engraved on a tablet, that whosoever would invoke his name should be preserved from pestilence and all mortal and contagious diseases. Grant that we who revere his memory, may through his intercession be delivered in soul and body from all mortal and contagious diseases through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen. Saint Rock, please pray for us and preserve us from all mortal and contagious diseases, including the coronavirus COVID-19. Amen

MASS TIMES:  The church is now fully reopened and will seat 50 in the body of the church , 42 in one side aisle and 39 in the other.  All Masses will be stewarded and the church will be fully sanitised after each Mass.   Mass on Monday at 7pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 10am except if there is a funeral then Mass which will be private will be at 11am.  Mass on Saturday morning at 11am.  There will be a Vigil Mass on Friday, August 14 prior to the Feast of the Assumption on August 15 as our church is dedicated to the Feast of the Assumption.  

CONGRATULATIONS: Cllr. John Sheahan, Glin has recently been elected Chairman of the Southern Regional Assembly for 2020-21, he was first elected to Limerick County Council in 2004 and is one of our three local FG representatives on LCC along with Cllr. Liam Galvin Abbeyfeale and Cllr. Tom Ruddle, NCW. 

WEST LIMERICK COMMUNITY RADIO:  WL102fm has provided a great service throughout West Limerick since the lockdown began with Mass being broadcast every Sunday, loads of country and western music, (all genres of music but you see where my heart lies!), a daily rosary and local news from the county as well as current affairs and documentaries.   By the terms of the licence that they get to broadcast, they must raise a share of their running costs in the community that they serve and over the years volunteers have organised concerts, car boot sales, tea dances and sold raffle tickets as well as organising a yearly church gate collection at all the local churches.  That all came to a halt on March 14 last and they are now hoping to restart the weekly draw in order to get an income stream going again.  Tickets are on sale all over the West Limerick area and in Abbeyfeale at Ann Lyons’s, The Square for €2 each.  Please be generous in your support.

SCAMS:  If you get a text from Bank of Ireland saying that your credit card has been compromised do not click on the link provided.  Memorise the pin number and do not carry it with the actual card and always cover the pin pad before you type in your pin.  If you have worries ring the Bank 01 40440000 or call into the bank in the Square. between 10 – 1pm Monday to Friday.  Local people have been getting a call from an 021 number, don’t ring them back or any number for that matter – if they want you they’ll leave you a voice mail.

FARMERS’ MARKET REOPENS:  The weekly market has returned to the small square from 9-1pm every Friday.  We thank you for your continued support.

ABBEYFEALE COMMUNITY ALERT: We are still accepting donations of €10 to help run our text alert system as the funds we raised some years ago have now run out.  If you are the owner of a dog please be aware that there are gangs of people going around searching out dogs and stealing them for puppy farms or as bait for dog fights or to be sold on as family pets. They sometimes mark house piers or fences or gates with chalk or cable ties so keep an eye on your property if you own a dog.  If you don’t own a pet why not rescue a dog from one of the many dog rescue organisations if you have decided to get a pet.  If you are the victim of domestic abuse the Gardai ‘have a pro – arrest policy where a power of arrest exists to protect spouses or partners and your family so please contact 068 30010 if you feel threatened.    When you reach the age of 65 and live alone or with a person/s aged over 65 you are entitled to receive a monitored alarm system. But if you have younger people living in the house who are out for long periods of the day then,  because you are spending hours alone you are also entitled to the system provided that you are over 65.  The free equipment is provided by Pobal following an application from Abbeyfeale Community Alert, there will be a monitoring fee to be paid from the second year of installation to the installing company of €72.  There may be some confusion over the word free –  the equipment which costs in the region of €400 is provided free of charge by Pobal as is the first year of monitoring but after that you will be charged by the installing company for the monitoring.  If you fulfil the criteria for a panic button the installing company will drop the gear to your door and then let you set up the connection yourself with assistance over the phone from their staff.  I have been assured that it’s only a matter of connecting a cable and anyone can do it.   I have not included the phone numbers of the committee in this notice but if you want to get a panic button then ring Abbeyfeale Garda Station on 068 30010 and they will contact one of us. Should you not have a landline the installing company Task provide a sim card at a rate of €7.50 per month payable from day one.  Then, in year two you will also receive a bill for the monitoring fee so in year one the bill will be €90 and in year two and every other year after it will €162 approx. If you wish you can arrange a direct debit and pay this amount off monthly.    We recently received a query about the application of VAT to the monitoring charge, your bill shows VAT but it is included in the cost not extra to it. Committee members are Michael O’Kelly N.T., Seamus Stack, Mossie Gleeson, Kathleen Collins, Mary McArthur, John O’Sullivan, Billy Quirke N.T., Cllr. Francis Foley, Catherine Daly, Maurice O’Connell, Marian Harnett. 

WEST LIMERICK RESOURCES:  The Offices of West Limerick Resources remain closed to the public but all staff are available to contact. Please ring 069 62222 with any queries and you will be directed to the appropriate staff member.