by Domhnall de Barra

Going all the way back to 1993 at the Set Dancing Workshop in Newcastle West were some of the organising committee from Athea Comhaltas

Back Row: Nellie Ahern, Timmy Woulfe, Tom Ahern, Connie Ryan (instructor) R.I.P.,  John O’Halloran

Front: Joan O’Halloran, Josephine O’Connor, Mary Kelly and Noreen Barry

Contributions from Tom Aherne, Peg Prendeville, Kathleen Mullane, Jer Kennelly and Marian Harnett this week

Mass times: Tuesday and Friday at 7.30pm,  Thursday and Sunday 10.30am.  Remember that any Mass on any day will fulfill the obligation of observing the Sabbath Day.

People have been asking me when the hard copy of Athea & District News will be on sale again. Up to now it was not possible, because of health restrictions and the absence of local activity, to do the weekly production but now that things are slowly improving I hope to resume the week after next. It will be difficult because  the bit of advertising we had is not there anymore and if the sales are not good enough I will have to pack it in. Please spread the word, especially to those who have not availed of the online version. The newsletter does not make a profit but that does not bother me, however I would be unable to continue suffering a loss every week. I believe the newsletter is a vital part of our community and gives a voice to all our organisations, societies, clubs and individuals. Not many villages have  such a platform and it would be a great pity if, after all the years, it had to be closed down.

A worrying trend in the last few days is the fact that new cases or Corona virus are increasing. I watched with hope as the numbers continued to fall over the month of June and thought we would now be at the stage where no new cases would be reported. As soon as restrictions were lifted some people lost the run of themselves. The crowds drinking together in laneways near pubs in Dublin is symptomatic of the thinking that a: it doesn’t apply to us and b: we think the danger is all over. We just have to look to other countries where lockdown is being reintroduced to realise that this virus is far from being defeated and is a real and present danger.  Contemplating going on a foreign holiday at the moment is nothing short of reckless. I hear people complaining about the fact that they have already booked and paid and the need their two weeks in the sun. Where did this idea that we all “need a break” come from?  Our parents and grandparents worked harder than we ever did but they never needed to jet off to exotic places at least once a year. If you really must get away, try discovering our own country. You might not have the sunshine but the land is full of sights and hidden places that are the envy of the world. By doing so you will take away the risk of contacting the virus abroad and bringing it back to your friends and family. We have made too many sacrifices up to now  throw it all away and return to square one..


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Times are tough for local clubs and organisations who depend on raising funds locally. Athea Community Council has lost its only source of revenue; the weekly lottery.  That was started back in the ‘90s to help fund the two FAS schemes  that existed in the parish at the time. Since then, the weekly returns have funded much work in the locality including the building of the footbridge over the river which cost in excess of €350,000.  the latest venture, just before Covet struck, was the purchase of the premises next to the Gables from Connie Herbert. This building offers great potential but unless we can get the lottery back on track in the near future, we are in trouble. We had great sellers who regularly returned money every week but their customers are gone because there is no bingo and pubs are still closed. What we really need are volunteers who will sell a few tickets to family and neighbours on a weekly basis. There is great goodwill out there but it needs to be harnessed. If you could sell a couple of tickets a week please make contact with any member of the Community Council or call me on 087 6758762