by Peg Prendeville

It is time to pause. We will not be moving forward at the moment with fully opening
up our country – if we ever will be. It definitely looks like we will have to adjust to a
new way of living. But maybe that is good too; good to make us stop and think what
is really important in our lives and focus on that. When we break it down and think
how lucky we are if we have family to love, a roof over our heads and food to eat
what more do we want? There are millions surviving with far less. But I do feel sorry
for those businesses which want to get back into making a living for their families and
who are stopped in their tracks for another while.
On the creative side of things there is an opportunity, through the libraries, for
children to take part in a competition to write a short story of no more than 500 words
about “An unexpected adventure”. The prize, which has all children excited, is a
Tablet. Enquire at Newcastlewest library 069 62273 (it is the only one opened around
here) for more details. Children have until the end of August so there is plenty time.
This is part of the Summer Stars programme which is run by the libraries every
It looks like the all the libraries will not reopen until September when the summer
holidays are over. Meanwhile Newcastlewest is now open to the public to browse and
pick your own books but not yet open to printing or copying or working on the
computers. Yes, life is different and the library staff would like to be back to normal
too but it is what it is at the moment, so we must make the best of it.