by Peg Prendeville

It is good to be back on paper again with the Knockdown News. It is 3.5 months since we went online. Thanks  to Domhnall for keeping this Athea news going throughout the whole “covid” time. With the way things are going we could be going back online very soon but we hope for the best.

I am glad be able to attend Mass in the flesh again rather than attending online. But I have to say that being able to attend online brought some solace at the end of each week and thanks to all those parishes including Athea who enabled the service to be broadcast.  However, although it is good be in Church again it goes a bit against the grain with me. Mass, to me is meant to be a communal celebration in the community where people gather together to give thanks and praise to God. It is like a whole family gathering together to share love and friendship over dinner. But when one has to keep distance, wear masks, avoid chats outside the gate, not shake hands to a neighbour or the priest it takes the sense of closeness out of it and makes it a very formal affair. I know the intentions are still good, prayers are still being offered up but I ask the question “Is this what Jesus intended us to do?” Maybe, I don’t know. But I find it strange and clinical. However, we have no choice at the moment. But Jesus even touched the lepers out of love, didn’t he?

 Glin Library will remain closed for the summer but I am hopeful that some of the younger readers will enter the story writing competition associated with the Summer Stars programme. It would be nice to have a winner from Glin Library.

Information as follows:

Public libraries are calling on all 6-18 year olds to write a story, no more than 500 words, on An Unexpected Adventure. There are three age categories: age 6-9, age 10-14, age 15-18. There will be 15 finalists in each category and one national winner from each category. Each winner will receive a Tablet and their story will be published as an ebook on BorrowBox, with a cover designed by a professional illustrator!

Each finalist will receive a €50 voucher and will be invited to take part in an online event for their age category hosted by one of the three national judges – Judi Curtin, Sarah Webb or Alan Nolan!

Stories must relate to the theme An Unexpected Adventure and be no longer than 500 words. The competition is open for entries from 1st July to 31st August.

Entrants can submit as many entries as they wish, in Irish or in English.

All entries to be submitted in digital copy (e.g. Word, email or other) to [email protected]  by 5pm on 31st August. Hard copies will not be eligible.

Entrants should include their name and age in the email. This information will only be available to the Libraries Ireland, LGMA team. This information and the competition entry itself will only be kept for the duration of the competition.

Please use ‘Summer Stars Story’ as the subject line of the email. Entries must the original and unpublished work of the entrant.

Please consider entering and keep Glin library on the map!