by Pag Prendeville

Sincere sympathies to the Dalton family, Dromagarraun on the death of Maura this week. I remember her as a lovely, kind, hard-working lady. May she rest in peace with her husband Paddy

Things are returning to some form of normality; the world will never be as it was pre Covid 19. I have arguments with myself as to how cautious we should be or if we are being cautious enough. I feel we were put in this world to do the best when we can and live as good a life as we can and die when we have no more choice. We cannot live forever, no matter what care we take of ourselves. I don’t think it is good to cocoon forever. What purpose would it serve to be alive but yet not enjoying life? I agree with Dr Ivor Browne who said to get out there and live but we must be respectful of others and not put them in the way of danger either.

I mentioned the Abha Bhán River walk last week. It continues to attract walkers every day. Rooting among my father’s poems I found the following:

The Banks of the Abha Bhán

How often in the years that’s passed I walked with fishing gear

Along the banks of sweet Abha Bhán as big trout did appear

What a thrill to see them leap and see the rod aquiver

As we hooked them, fresh and pure, from the lovely Abha Bhán river.

Here the anglers came from far and near and were always satisfied

As many hours passed quickly by along the riverside.

And many’s the pleasant chat we had as we all walked along

Our relaxed minds so free from care on the banks of the Abha Bhán.

For here amid the fragrant flowers the spirit seemed to rise

With the skylark singing overhead and we heard the cuckoo’s voice

The hawthorn blossoms, pink and white, were beautiful to scan

Like a bridal silken veil adorning the banks of the Abha Bhán.

Paddy Faley R.I.P.