by Kathleen Mullane

Well today Wednesday being Saint Swithins day and a day of mist, cloud and rain, hopefully we won’t get 40 days of the same type  of weather as was the prediction in times  gone by.

I’ve been asked to inform readers that a further Mass will now be said on Saturday  evenings  at 7.30 in addition to the 2 evening Masses on Tuesday  and Friday evenings and the morning Masses on Thursday  and Sunday mornings at 10.30 am. With the new Webcam  and speakers, the sound system is excellent. The collection  box for the weekly envelopes is placed inside  the door and you are  asked if you have any outstanding  envelopes they would be  very welcome to keep the church  bills etc. paid. Thanks is extended  to all those who already  have given in their donations. 
I just note the Late Late are showing a toy show musical  this Sunday evening with the best bits over the years and we are reminded we are half way to Christmas.  Can you believe it, they are telling  us already.
As the green shoots of normality are resuming somewhat we must not forget the lessons lock-down taught us and how it helped us grow. As things are re-opening some people are lamenting the loss of the quieter life of the pandemic. Before mid march everyone was rushing to meetings, to work, to get home, to classes, to nights out, to attend parties and lots more. Lock down  wasn’t easy, however it helped everyone  to contemplate life. Baking was done ,gardens and flowers were planted, every house was painted, families went walking and cycling  with their  families. Friends and families are the most important thing in our lives. We can take time to smell the roses and learn how this unique time taught  us how to enjoy the new pace of life