by Peg Prendeville

Life is slowly returning to more normal times. Not that it will ever be as we knew it because, whether we like it or not, we are going to have to get accustomed to masks in crowded places and in public transport and it will be a long time before we will have music in pubs but at least we are free to travel around our own country. At least we will be from next Monday. And we can get our hair in some sort of decent condition again.

Last Sunday was the first Sunday I decided to leave the house and go for an outing. I had a hankering for an outdoor activity so we drove to Knockfierna and walked the hill. It was not a sunny day but it was clear enough with a lovely lively breeze. It has been some years since I had visited and I was disappointed to see that the Rambling House looked very neglected from lack of use. On the other hand I was pleased to see that there is now car park and the road is in good condition. There is such a great view from the top, viewing out over the Shannon Estuary, past Limerick on to the Tipperary Hills and East Limerick and the Golden Vale. The land had all the forty shades of green and looked so healthy. We had a very pleasant afternoon.

Another local little beauty spot on my doorstep is the Abha Bhán River Walk which was opened recently in Ballyhahill. Well done to Ballyhahill Development committee for the great work which was put into this. The river can be quiet and still one moment, turn a corner and it gushes down like Torc waterfall. It is a most enjoyable, twenty minute, easy walk.

I am still in Newcastlewest library as the smaller libraries have not opened yet. The  Call and Collect system is working well so far. People are so patient and are grateful that there is some kind of service available. But hopefully it will not be too long til all are opened to the public again.

Work is continuing on the Interpretative Centre at the back of Glin Library. It is being restructured and re-roofed. We look forward to seeing the finished project. Well done to Glin Development committee for its creative idea in turning this unused room into a centre of historic interest to locals and tourists alike.