by Peg Prendeville

We’re at the end of phase one and hopefully will be entering phase two on Monday next. The advice then will be to still avoid unnecessary journeys wherever possible. You will be able to travel up to 20 kilometres away from your home as opposed to the 5 kilometre limit which has been in place. And up to 4 people may visit another household for a short period of time but everyone must keep at least 2 metres apart from people they don’t live with. Many people are doing their best to stick by the rules but there are chancers too. Hopefully things will not backfire and things will keep improving. Covid 19 has taught us all to slow down “and smell the roses.”

From next week some libraries will re-open but sadly not Glin or Abbeyfeale. Newcastle West and Kilmallock, Dooradoyle and Watch House Cross will offer a service of “Order and Collect” so browsing is still not allowed. I have been assigned to Newcastlewest for the time being. No doubt there will be more information in the weekend papers.

I was sad to hear of the death of Jack Higgins and have fond memories of going to Mass in Athea in the early 60’s in his lorry. So I penned this poem in his memory. Sympathies to all his family.


Jack Higgins’s Lorry

Jack Higgins has died, I just heard in the shop,

And my mind drifted back through the years

Back to the 50s and 60s – yes ‘tis true

When Jack had a different career.

Jack had a lorry put to a different use

Each Sunday morning in state

There he gathered the neighbours to take them to Mass.

He picked them all up at his gate.


Some came on bikes, some walked for two miles

But all would be standing and waiting

Then we would hear him start up the engine

While we looked on in anticipation.

Ever so carefully he’d reverse to the wall

Which was used as a step to get on

The men gave a hand to the women to board

Then the children were helped one by one.


The mothers and small ones were herded up front

And asked to hold on to the railing

While the men at the back ensured all were safe

As to Mass in Athea we went sailing.

Soon we had landed near Collins’s shop

And no one was left in the lurch

As each person was helped to jump off with ease

And walk up the street to the Church.


When Mass was all over and the shopping was done

We walked down the street past the bridge.

Turned the corner, passed the Ball Alley

Where Jack had parked by the hedge.

The banter was great as each changed their news

And discussed all the news at that time

We hung on to our parents in case we fell out

As we drove home ‘long the sweet Kerryline.