by Peg Prendeville

Next Sunday is the 1st anniversary of Micheál Long, Turraree. A Mass will be arranged later in the year. Little did Micheál know how much change was going to be in the world in the year since he passed on.

Well done to Knockdown Vintage who organised a Virtual Home Run last Sunday just for fun. Many families, including the children, got into the swing of things and put up their videos on the Knockdown Vintage Facebook page.

This Covid 19 is forcing all of us to brush up on our online skills in order to stay in touch with the world. Whether it will be for good or ill I cannot foretell.

As there is not a lot happening I enjoy putting little rhymes together to pass the time.

Knockdown area is gleaming

Since this virus came to stay

Everythings been painted

And not a nettle in the way.


All houses getting makeovers

Both inside and out

Cupboards are being rearranged

Tiles being filled with grout.


The turf is almost dry by now

With the sunshine and the wind

At this rate of going

We might have to cut more bins.


Farmyards are tidied

White’s Skip hire is very busy

With all the stuff that’s been thrown out

Everyone’s in a tizzy.


How long more we’ll keep this up

I cannot even guess

But if it goes on for long more

We’ll have to stop and make more mess