by Kathleen Mullane

Another week gone by can you believe it, and yet again we have had fabulous weather. One wonders with all the painting, gardening, turf being brought  home already, silage being  cut, what will everyone  keep themselves busy with for the next few months.? I’m sure more new ideas will surface as they have done since the start of the virus where we have seen so many children, along with their parents, taking up baking. Maybe it would be a good idea to get our teenagers into the habit of being able to cook basic dinners etc as it’s so important going forward  when they leave home and go to college and out into the big world and not to be living  on beans every day!!  Also operating a washing machine is another basic necessity which all should know. I heard of some  student recently that didn’t know on what side of the envelope to put the stamp. Maybe we all as parents and grandparents, now that we all have extra  time  on  our  hands  during  the  virus, should be teaching our young people to do the basics so that they will be ready for the future.

No births marriages or deaths to report just to wish a happy 50th birthday  to Anne Marie Ennis (nee Casey) in new York, daughter  of Bill and Peggy who celebrated her special day with her family.  Congrats  to her.
 Another  lovely Mass from Athea church on Sunday last again with Fr Tony.  It’s also another step forward to have the church open every day since last Monday from 10 until  2 pm daily where  you can pay a visit and light a candle. Hopefully,  phase 1 will be a success if everyone  does what they are told  and keeps their distance and then, all going well, we will be able to proceed to phase 2 and eventually  we will get there. Remember ‘Rome wasn’t  built in a day,” take care, stay safe,we live in a great  community and continue to support our local shop, butchers, chemist and when they open all our other conveniences  such as hairdressers, garages etc, nurseries and all that we have in our lovely Athea parish