by Kathleen Mullane

Another beautiful week of glorious weather, thankfully, and haven’t  we a lot to be  grateful  for. Despite the virus we can breathe fresh air, we can wake up in the morning and listen to the birds singing, we have plenty to eat and drink, we have a bed to sleep in ,many don’t, we can see the sun rise and also these nights we have most beautiful sunsets and above all we are surviving the virus and are alive!!
On Sunday  last wasn’t it wonderful to have Mass celebrated by Fr Tony Mullins in our own church, through our tidy towns Facebook page, well done to Margaret Carroll and some of the choir members, Damien  Ahern, Carol  O’Connor and all those who made it possible. Mass will be on again next Sunday  at 11 am so tune in. Maybe if you have a friend or neighbour they might like to watch also and wasn’t it uplifting to see all those from so many parts of the world tuning in.  They haven’t forgotten  their  roots.
Also, our church will be available  for visitation purposes  on Monday  from 10 until 2 o clock so you can pop in, say a prayer, light  a candle or whatever, so that’s another bonus for parishioners.
Lovely to see the brightly painted stones near the fairy path that the children have done in recent days. All these little added touches make such a difference so, if you want to add your stone, do so.
Well not much else  to add this week so keep safe,  keep the distance and if  we do  what we are told we will beat this deadly virus and  come  out  safe at the other  end.