Athea United

by Bobby Barrett

THE PA WALSH STAND. Plans (as much as we can hope for in current times) this year are to complete the construction of our stand at The Vales. We are pleased to announce that this stand will be called The ‘Pa Walsh Stand’. Our thoughts and prayers are with Pa and his family during these difficult times. This is only a small acknowledgement of the years of hard work Pa has done for this club. He is a fantastic club man and has always put the club at the forefront of his thoughts as secretary/chairman/manager/committee member and not to forget as a player.
Pa is a fantastic and loyal friend to all here in the Club and the in the Parish of Athea and it is an honour and a privilege to name the stand the “Pa Walsh Stand “. To finish with a saying that always resonates with Pa, “It matters not if you win or lose but how you play the game”.

Drawings of the planned stand

Pa Walsh with his league-winning team in his managerial days