by Peg Prendeville

Sincere sympathies this week to Connie Noonan on the death of his wife Nora nee Higgins. My memories of Nora, or Noddy or Noad as she was also known, was a happy bubbly good-humoured lady who used to visit my Uncle Dan’s house to meet her friends and neighbours. Ciss, Noreen Barrett, Noddy and Maureen Long had many a humorous night in Faley’s. Maureen tells me that she misses those nights and the fun they had. Nora will be also missed by her neighbours and her many nieces and nephews who were very fond of her.

I take my 2 km walk around the “ring” and must confess that I find it depressing to see the amount of litter on the roadsides. Good Friday is the annual clean-up day in county Limerick. Like everything else, due to Covid 19, this event has been postponed and so the rubbish continues to pile up. Why, oh why, must people continue to throw out their rubbish along the roadside. I know there is no use me ranting on here but I have to let off steam somewhere!

Next Sunday will be Easter Sunday with a difference. We are getting used to attending Mass on line but Easter Sunday was one of the days where the Churches were more full and people showed off new bright colours in clothes. Alas, this year the churches will be empty and we cannot have our Dawn Mass in Kilteery. We hope for an end to this isolation soon but deep down we all know it won’t be today or tomorrow. It will change many things. We will have got so used to keeping the 2 metre distance that we will be almost afraid to go near people or to greet them with a hug or a kiss. Let’s hope that does not happen as I believe that appropriate touch is very important and human beings need it as much as food.

Those of us who live in the country and have plenty space around us are so lucky in comparison to those who live on high rise flats with a tiny balcony. Trying to keep children entertained in that kind of living situation must be a nightmare. It is hard also on those people who live in unhappy homes where they are being abused. So we must be grateful for all the blessings that we have got and pray for those in less fortunate circumstances.

Happy Easter to you all.


Life in Covid time

Our days are quiet, not much to do

But stay inside, maybe cook a stew

No need to fuss, we have all day

We’re staying at home, it’s safe that way.

How did we ever get to this?

We thought ‘twould never come to us.

Twas fine in China, so far away

But it speeded up without delay.

And now it’s lurking all around

Businesses closed, we’re gone to ground

Talking to family through window pane

Not sure when we can touch again.

But we’re learning a fact which we had forgot

We’re all one together in the pot

No difference now tween black or white

All held up in the same light.

And that is how we’ll beat this virus

By facing head-on whatever arises

Giving each other a helping hand

One big family in this land.

And though we may have some pain to bear

We’ll all be the happier when we care

And ask for blessings on all mankind

And offer thanks … and love we’ll find.