By Kathleen Mullane

Well another week of cocooning for those that have to abide by the rules and if it saves lives it’s a small price to pay. It was a sad week for many families in our area. We offer sincere sympathy to the following  who have lost loved ones over the past few days. To Tom and Breda Fitzgerald of Glensharrold on the unexpected death of their beloved son Denis at such a young age.To Breda Ahern, of Hillside Drive, on the death of her uncle Timothy Costello recently and also to Paddy McAuliffe of Park, Athea on the death in England of his sister Rita (Margaret). May they all rest in peace.

On a happier note congratulations to Marie White and  T.J. Herbert, who reside in Canada, who were blessed with a baby girl they are calling Holly Anne.  Congrats are extended to the proud grandparents also, Mary and Jim Herbert of Coole West and Gerard and Anne White. Great excitement all around.

The weather has been such a blessing these past few weeks with sunshine every day almost. My daughter and family were on a tornado alert in new Jersey USA twice this past week, hail wind and torrential rain and temperatures of 3degrees, so we aren’t badly off at all.

The canals in Venice have seen fish and jellyfish appearing with pollution down to zero, no gondolas working. Bees that haven’t been seen for a long time are really appearing. The sky’s are much bluer, no air traffic. Everyone seems to be so much more in touch with nature .Walking is the new pastime. Old friends are being contacted by phone and facetime, zoom, etc. We all aren’t rushing around as much, people have time to talk.  So all is not as bad as it seems. Keep the chins up, the bright side out and remember every day is only 24 hours long .Keep safe and we will all pull through