By Peg Prendeville

Well done to the Athea Drama group who are enjoying a full house each night for their play “Looking for Love.” It is great to see the tradition continuing every year and lovely to see new members from the younger generation taking part, and very able, also.

There will be a different kind of atmosphere in Ballyhahill Parish Hall on this coming  Saturday 15th of February for the first pop-up cinema! On the night the committee will be showing cult-classic THE PRINCESS BRIDE! This is a fundraiser for the hall. Tickets are €5 per person and refreshments will be available on the night. You can book tickets by ringing Mary 087-1463208. All support appreciated.

A Coffee Morning in aid of The Friends of St. Ita’s will be held in the Hall, Ballyhahill on Sunday 23rd February from 10-30–12-30. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Glin Library will be closed on Tuesday 18th.

The election is over and I will leave it to others to comment. Talking about elections  I came across the following poem which Paddy Faley wrote in 1960 and I enjoyed the humour of it. I’m sure he wrote it with tongue in cheek. I hope you enjoy it too.

Before Election for the Council 

Our county councillors are a fraud and a waste of wanted cash

And if they are not set aside our country they will smash

They’re there to draw their money or so it does appear

For they’re silenced by the Manager and the County Engineer.


Sure they let him close our quarries and our workers


And sent them off to England and those countries outside.

If the council worked the turf banks we could keep our

labourers here

But the Manager didn’t want them nor the County Engineer.

With lorries now they’re bringing sand, our county roads to grade

They say no stones are needed for stones are out of date.

But wait, and time will tell them whether tis sand or stones that’s dear

But of course they’ll clap the Manager and

 the County Engineer.


The Engineer he told them he would make the lorries pay

He had his facts and figures so they gave him all his way.

But now he has them hypnotized, they are trembling with fear

They wont say no to the Manager nor the County Engineer.


Then when you approach them if you’re ever in distress

They will guarantee you much support to get you out of the mess.

But when you’re gone away from sight it will go out the other ear

If it is not pleasing to the Manager and the County Engineer.

You can be sure they don’t consider us, poor labourers


Except around the polling day when they want to be elected.

But after that why should they, they have champagne and beer

To drink there with the Manager and the County Engineer.