Athea Community Council Ltd. A.G.M.

Athea Community Council Ltd will hold their A.G.M. at the Top of the Town tomorrow, Wednesday, November 20th at 7.30pm. Everyone residing in the parish is entitled to attend this meeting as they are all members of Athea Community Council Ltd.  If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions, please come along on Wednesday Night. 

Going Strong Christmas Party

The Going Strong Christmas Party will take place on Wednesday, December 4th. Mass will be celebrated in the Top of the Town at 12 noon sharp followed by Dinner & Music by Blue Rhythm.

€15 per person inclusive for Dinner, Dance and Afternoon Tea. Names must be in by Saturday, November 30th. To book please contact Maireád Langan on 087-6407026 or Eileen O’Sullivan on 087-9848247.

Menu: Beef or Turkey. Take Away dinners on the day need to be ordered in advance when booking.

Clothes Collection Recycling Fundraiser

Our Gaelic for Mothers & Others and Ladies Football club clothes collection has been extended. This Wednesday evening 7pm to 7. 30pm and Thursday morning 9am to 10am are extra dates for the collection at the clubhouse. We will accept all women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, handbags, belts, all paired shoes, curtains, bed linen, towels and blankets – NO PILLOWS OR DUVETS. Just simply put all your unwanted clothes in a black bag and drop them to the clubhouse. Any questions please call Jacqueline 086-067091

Gorta Self Help Collection

A sincere thank you to all who so generously contributed to our Gorta Self Help collection recently. The amount raised was €583.

Athea Utd Soccer Awards Night

The schoolboys and girls, Awards Night will take place on Friday night week,  22nd November, in the Top of the Town at 9:30pm. Music entertainment on the night will be provided by DJ Pat O’Donnell. Sure to be a great night for all involved.

Con Colbert Community Hall

Church gate collection this weekend Saturday 23rd/Sunday 24th November. Your support would be very much appreciated.

Thank You

A sincere thanks to all who donated to the Christmas Street Lighting collection at the weekend which totalled €763.

St. Vincent de Paul Collection

The Annual St. Vincent De Paul collection will take place on Saturday, November 30th & Sunday, December 1st at both Masses. Your support would be appreciated.

Thank You

I would like to thank everyone very much for so generously supporting my request for funds for The Hope Foundation for projects in Kolkata, India which amounted to  €923.53 .   Dermot Pierse

Beauty & Nature

By Domhnall de Barra

We often hear statements like “that is beautiful” but what is beauty?  They say it is in the eye of the beholder and I’m sure that is the case for a lot of people but it does not quantify what makes one thing ugly and another attractive. Take us humans for example; no two people are exactly alike , although  there is a theory that we all have doubles, but certain features make us more attractive than others.  The shape of a chin, the length of a nose, the size of the eyes all contribute to what we call beauty.  Some people become obsessed with it and try to make themselves better looking with cosmetics, hairstyles, clothing etc.  Beauty is a huge industry . Go into the smallest of villages in the country and you will find at least one hairdresser while the towns will have several along with beauty parlours, sun beds, boutiques and shops filled with all kinds of creams and lotions.  Clothes play a huge part in this and the fashion industry have it down to a fine art. They use models to show off their wares to the best effect and tell us what is “in” for the season. You will hear comments like “blue is all the rage this year” which is meant to get us to go out and follow the fashion. The same with dress lengths. They can range from ankle length skirts that cover everything to the mini that leaves little to the imagination. The thing is, if minis are “in” you can’t be seen in a long dress.

Traditionally men left all this to the women but times are changing and men’s fashion is catching up fast. So, we are caught in a trap and dig deep in our pockets in efforts to make ourselves more acceptable. Beauty, however, is superficial and does not last. As the years fly by so do the looks but there is a beauty that is far better and that is the beauty of the soul. It does not depend on looks but on the kindness and loving nature of individuals. This beauty does not fade with the years, as a matter of fact it may grow And become stronger. Whoever said “beauty is only skin deep” got it right.