By Peg Prendeville

Sincere sympathies to Jim Geaney, Toureendonnell, and his family on the death of his brother Davey during last weekend. A huge crowd attended the funeral in Killarney on Sunday night and Monday.

I was sad too to hear that Nan McSweeney, Lisready, died recently only a month after her brother Mickey O’Brien. Nan, who suffered a stroke, was independent up to the end. We send sympathies to all her family. Her daughter-in-law Eleanor directed the Cailin Bán play in Glin last September.

It was lovely to see such a huge crowd in the Devon Inn last Friday night for the Lip Sync Battle organised by the Gerald Griffin’s male and female footballers. The atmosphere was great as 11 teams took part giving great fun and entertainment. Well done to them all and to all those who put in so much background work. I’ve summarised it, as best I can, in the following poem…….

Lip Sync Battle in the Devon Inn 

You’ve heard of the Battle of the Boyne

And the battle of Waterloo

But there’s another which you may have missed

Just wait ‘til I tell you.

About this battle which was fought

And each side vowed to win

And were prepared to do or die

In the Lip Sync Battle in the Devon Inn.

For  weeks they planned their tactics

And kept all under cover

No secrets were betrayed at all

As we were to discover.

Then came the night and all did gather

Amidst much noise and din

As the Gerald Griffins fought it out

In the Lip Sync Battle in the Devon Inn.

Some were there For One Night Only

And some who had No Clue

While Martin’s Angels shocked us all

As did the Chain of Fools.

Scrambled Legs and the Bally Boys,

Together with Good Looking Jim

Did their best to win the fight

In the Lip Sync Battle in the Devon Inn.

Then Mothers and Others joined the fray

And Blue Rose Bellas did not hold back

Ballyhahill Ramblers with Spice Lips too

Were not afraid and did not slack.

The battle was long and fearsome

As they fought kith and kin

Nobody wanted to lose this fight

In the Lip Sync Battle in the Devon Inn.

And when the energy was spent

And the warriors downed their tools

The judges gave their comments

Having outlined all the rules.

The audience was on tenterhooks

As we wondered who would win?

It was announced! For One Night Only

Had won the Battle in the Devon Inn.


Well done to all concerned

Who put so much work and time

Into getting this organised.

In such a limited time.

The Gerald Griffins men and women

From Bally, Loughill and Glin

Will be remembered for many years

For their Lip Sync Battle in the Devon Inn.