By Peg Prendeville

Well done to Athea on raising such a huge sum for the Ronald McDonald house recently. It shows what can be done when a community works together.

We are lucky too in our parish of Loughill/Ballyhahill which, at the moment is fundraising for the Lip sync night. There was a lovely session of music, dance and plenty songs in the Hall in Ballyhahill last Friday night. This was one of the many events being organized by the Lip Sync Gerald Griffins’s groups. “No Clue” being the name of this group had a good clue when it came to putting together a programme for the night. Three hours of entertainment including a cup of tea was great value for €5. Mike Walsh did a great job as MC and let nobody off the hook when it came to doing a party piece. The Scrambled Legs are organizing a quiz, this time in the Angler’s Rest, on Friday 1st.  All welcome. Table of 4 for €40. And on November the 9th we have the Lip Sync itself in the Devon Inn. Tickets are now on sale from Martina Phillips phone (087) 914 5952 or any of the Lipsync participants and committee. All monies are going to Gerald Griffins Ladies and Men’s football. On that note we hope that our men will be bringing home the cup next Sunday when they meet the Galtee Gaels in the replay in the Gaelic Grounds.

There will be a special Mass for all those who died in the parish during the past 12 months in Loughill on Saturday 2nd November and in Ballyhahill on the 3rd November.

Do any of ye remember the Race Nite in Knockdown 21 years ago in 1998.

The Race Nite in Knockdown        

The excitement it was mighty in Knockdown on Friday night

As everybody gathered for the races

The air was filled with tension as last minute plans were made

And everybody there  put through  their paces

Johnny Walsh came from Sliabh Luachra to be the brave M.C.

The racing tapes were ready for to roll

At half past nine the flag was raised, the first race had begun.

From then, till two, ‘twas busy on the tote.

Ten races with ten horses each, all with local owners

All vying with each other for to win

As neighbour cheered on neighbour and pretended to be cross

When their own nag slowed down around the bend.

The brave men on the tote had to keep their heads about them

As they gave out the tickets left and right

Tommy Grady calculated and then gave out the odds

Sure the money it kept flowing through the night.

But we had not seen the best of it till the auction race came up

And Johnny Walshe, he stood upon the table

To auction off ten horses before they ran their race

And be  paid for before they left the stable.

It was then the tension mounted as the bids came flying in

It was dangerous to even blink an eye

There were horses sold for £60, some for 80, even more

As each one outbid another for to buy

At last the night was over and the noise and laughter ceased

And everyone agreed that it was fun

Killeaney Soccer club was beaming at the profit it had gained

And the dressing rooms are nearer to being done.

The club is grateful to the gamblers who gave their full support

And hope it brought some laughs to clear the frowns

They hope that everyone enjoyed it and send their thanks to all

For a most  successful Race Nite in Knockdown.

Peg Prendeville – November 1998