By Kathleen Mullane

“Happy Halloween” 

Congrats to Bríd Curtin (formerly Riordan of Upper Dirreen, Athea) who celebrated her 60th birthday on Saturday night last with a music session with her family, relatives and friends at Donie Lyons’ here in Athea.

We also send congratulations to Tom Brosnan of Upper Athea who celebrated his 40th birthday with family and friends at Reen’s Pike on Saturday night last. Everyone had a lovely night.

The Holy Day vigil mass for ‘All Saints’ will be on at the usual time of 7.30pm this Thursday evening and on Friday morning November 1st at 10.30 am. And on Sunday, November 3rd rosary will be recited at 11.30am in Holy Cross for those buried there. And on the following Sunday, November 10th in Templeathea. This will continue for the month of November for the Holy Souls.

Also you are asked to have the names of your deceased family members, relatives and friends written down and placed in the envelopes which are available at the church doors. A donation can be placed inside if wished. The envelopes will be placed on the altar for November and all named remembered in the masses during the month. Saturday November 9th is the ‘Remembrance Mass’ for those who died from the parish since last November.

“The Fair of Athea” is fast approaching and takes place on Saturday, November 9th. This is a fun-filled day that brings another “great buzz” around the village. So bring along the kids, put on the wellies and even if it is raining who cares – “soak up the atmosphere” – do a bit of “bartering” and meet old friends and acquaintances.

I was recently reading an article about The Power of “Thank You” stating how we all love to moan. We moan about “the weather” – “it’s too hot – it’s too cold – it’s so wet! We moan about – pot holes – traffic – the speed of vehicles – we moan about other people – when instead we should “Be Thankful” for what we have, when we hear about the awful things that are happening. ‘GRATITUDE’ – reduces ‘stress’ – it improves sleep, it boost’s spirits and makes us powerful – it’s The Glue that keeps Communities together!  So the message is:-

Acknowledge your loved ones if they do something good.

It’s amazing how much weight a “Thank You” carries in the workplace – a lack of appreciation leaves an employee frustrated. Say ‘Thanks’ for the “memories” – appreciate the ‘Sun’ but also appreciate the ‘Raindrops’. And remember the saying “Thanks” costs nothing.

Happy Halloween to one and all.