By Peg Prendeville

Recently our neighbours Tom Stack and Kate left Glenbawn to set up home elsewhere so now it is our pleasure to welcome Bill and Joan Coleman in their stead. We hope they will feel at home in the area, having been living in Co. Kildare. Joan is a Dub and had her flag out at the weekend so she is in a happy mood.

Yes, we have to admit that Dublin was the better team on Saturday evening and are deserving winners of the 5-in-a-row. But we have not seen the last of Kerry either. It was a great weekend for the Dubs with the girls winning 3-in-a-row on Sunday.

The Races are over so it is time to go ploughing. Thankfully the weather is promising to be much kinder this year. Remember last year when many of the tents were blown down and one of the days had to be cancelled?

Gerald Griffins Ladies and Men are still calling on anybody who is interested in taking part in the upcoming club Lipsync fundraiser on November 9th and having a bit of fun while doing to contact Gary Thompson (085) 115 5506, Wayne Fitzgerald 0868813594,Martina Phillips (087) 914 5952, Maggie O’Brien (087) 618 8708.There are one or two slots to be filled up. Get in there before its too late.

The Cailín Bán was a huge success in Glin last week with up to 400 people on each of the two nights. The drama was a fundraiser for Glin Development to build the Knight of Glin Interpretative Centre at the back of the present library but it also succeeded in rebirthing the story of the Cailín Bán and bringing it to the attention of the young generation. In fact, a member of the cast took the ferry during the week to put flowers on her grave and pray that her spirit is at peace. More people lit candles for her.  It was a lovely experience to be part of this large cast. Great credit is due to the organisers who did Trojan work in the background.